World's Original Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

Ball-Crazy Dogs get their Fetch On with GoDogGo Fetch Machine


  • "Shadow says thanks for his new toy! We now have one tired doggy" - Nichola/UK 11/23/15

  • "The best thing we've ever purchased" - Amy 11.16.15

  • "As you can see Gracie loves her godoggo!! She is really have a lot of fun! And the noise no longer bothers her! Thanks to your help and my son-in-law's patience and his teaching, Gracie will be enjoying hours of fun and the noise doesn't bother her at all now.. She can't get enough of catching the ball which is her favorite playtime. Thank you again and enjoy your holidays." - Ellen 11.26.15

  • "Well, it's been almost a year since we bought Lexi her Go Dog Go. She loves it and plays with it every day. We love hearing it launch balls in the back yard as she keeps herself busy with her favorite past time, Go Dog Go" - Debbie / GDG-11615

  • "I wanted to share some photos of my dogs Roxy and Holly playing with their new favorite toy. It has made my wife and I happier because keeping two Jack Russell Terriers occupied for more than five minutes can be quite cumbersome. I hope I can get a video posted soon...Happy Holidays!" - Miguel 12.4.15

  • "Finally got our GoDogGo machine. It was shipped to Vegas to be brought back to South Africa. Excellent service!! Skylar took about an hour or so to learn that if she wants to play she must put the ball in the bucket. Thank you GoDogGo for giving us a break!! She loves her new toy." feeling thankful" - Vanessa 12/3/15

  • "Thank you GoDogGo. Double goodness. I got home tonight and had a package to Linda and Dallas. I told him he had a present and all havoc started..He is so so happy!!! Thank you for the treat because we posted a video! Such a good boy" - Linda 12.11.15

  • "Paisan LOVES his GoDogGo!!! Had it down in half a day! Now my arm can rest. He cannot get enough of it!!! He does get a lot of fetch time... even in our living room, lol! It's the greatest thing ever, I swear. Thank you again and Happy Holidays!" - Rainee

  • "Wow, thank you for a comprehensive reply! My two ball mad Cocker Spaniels will be out in the garden as soon as it stops raining, they have already made a note of the three new balls that came with GoDogGo. Thank you again for your help from the other side of the world. Excellent service. P.S. See Tilly and Amy attached, fighting over a ball!" - Sue/UK

  • "Charlie and Trixie - loving the godoggo." - Deborah

  • "Be playing with her GoDogGo and Beau letting her!" - Linda

  • "My dog love's it! Here is my Cricket playing with her new toy & bringing the ball back. She absolutely loves it!!!" I thought for sure my dog would be afraid of this. But it has a 30 money back guarantee so I pulled the trigger to give it a shot. I set it down in the yard and it took her 2 throws to equate the sound as being FUN! I also struggled with the 150$ price tag, however it is well worth the money now! My dog gets all of her excersise in one half hour of turning this thing on. She LOVES it." - Laurie

  • "Kat got this for her 1st Bday. She will be 3 in May and still loves it as much as day 1. I'm in love with it. It is the perfect toy for a dog with lots of energy. And very happy with the quality. Thanks you plenty." - Mariana

  • "Here is a short video of my rat terrier playing ball with go dog go, she loves it!! Her name is Keeda. Thanks."

  • "Best customer service ever! This pup is so anxious to get fetching again! Thanks guys"
    - Anne

  • "My German Shepard goes crazy over it every morning for about 30 minutes. It's really been a great toy. We've got 2 big German Shepherds and the male really loves GoDogGo. It's our morning routine to go out and use this thing."
    - Laurie

  • "We got the new machine and it works perfectly. Mel loves it. Thanks for your quick, friendly and immediate response to our problem. Sincerely"
    - Dena, Louis and Mel

  • "Our 7 month old Border Collie MoJo. He is so excited"
    - Chris

  • "Thank you very much! We enjoy the machine... One dog is still a little scared but the other loves it. :)"
    - Shawnda

  • "Thank you! This is by far the best toy and money spent on our dog. Keeps her playing by herself for hours! She gets so excited she can barely wait until the ball shoots out. Next summer I will try to set it up out back by the pool so it will shoot the ball into the pool for her".
    - Zack Knoll

  • "Our trainer wants to teach my dog treadmills, but then I'd have to buy him one! His GoDogGo Tucker's him out enough."
    - Lacey

  • "We love our automatic ball thrower! This is Stella a 3 year old Border Collie-This is a video of her learning how to use her machine."
    - Ecklund

  • "the dog and i love machine."
    - Gerry

  • "Best customer service ever! This pup is so anxious to get fetching again! Thanks guys"
    - Anne

  • "Kate really enjoys this toy. As she waits for the ball to come out, her front legs are moving a mile a minute."
    - Carol

  • "GoDogGo has been so much fun for Isa & Piper & the humans too! It only took about 5 min for Isa to start returning the ball on her own. Thanks again for a great product :)"
    - Georgia

  • "My German Shepard goes crazy over it every morning for about 30 minutes. It's really been a great toy. We've got 2 big German Shepherds and the male really loves GoDogGo. It's our morning routine to go out and use this thing."
    - Laurie

  • "Thank you very much! Your machine has brought a lot of joy to my ball obsessed dog :)!"
    - Elizabeth

  • "Thank you so much for returning my call right away, I really appreciate it a lot! We have a Chocolate Lab that we really need this for."
    - Jessie

  • "Here's Marlowe, our 15 month old Lab/Heading Dog mix using his new GoDogGo. We worked with him before we got it to drop the ball in a bucket, but this is after just a few hours with the machine. He loves it!!!"
    - Lacey

  • "What a fabulous product you have. My dog uses it constantly, up to 6 hours a day. In today's corporate world, the customer service you have for your GoDaddyGo product is amazing! My Lab Retriever just absolutely loves this thing and I love your product? Terrific service calling me back.
    Thanks Again." -Ed

  • "My little dog, she uses it all of the time. She just loves it. She's a little Chihuahua & a hyper little thing. Emmy stands up to bucket, drops the ball in, watches it go, then gets back & starts barking. The ball launches & she takes off! She loves it!"
    - Wes

  • "Hello~ So far everyone has totally enjoyed your GoDogGo. I'm still trying to teach Bogie to put the balls in the bucket and play by himself...we still need to do some work. Bogie is so intense, Lilly is jumping up and down waiting for the ball and Bear is telling them to take turns! Thank you so much for a fun Machine."


  • "Thank you so much for this toy she can chase the balls for hours! You have a marvelous creation here and Sukie loves that toy more than she loves her bones. We appreciate your correspondence with us over the wait of the machine it was worth every minute of it."
    - Peggy

  • "My 2 Rottweiler dogs absolutely love this toy! I'll be ordering more fetching machines for Christmas gifts soon."


  • "Charlie's fetch machine is his absolute FAVORITE thing on earth!! In fact, if I even say the words "fetch machine"n our house, I sure better be serious about getting it out to play with. ;) It has brought him hours and hours of fun. I've never seen anything like it."�
    - Kristen & Charlie

  • "Bought one and works great." "Your GoDogGo is wonderful! My yellow lab loves it."


  • "This is my dog Apache he loves his new toy. He begs me to go play with him & GoDogGo. Fetch Machine."�
    - Gail

  • "This machine has worked WONDERS in helping keep them stay fit because going for walks is not enough."


  • "This toy is the only way that I can get my dog the exercise that he needs to stay healthy. Such a useful toy and exercise machine for dogs. Thank you and all your employees for such a Great Product!!"
    - Ricky/NC

  • "They love it! The dogs love the thrower, and it saves my arm. Never thought I'd see my Aussies wore out, but thanks to you,they wear themselves out!"
    - Steve

  • "Thanks for following up with me. The dogs love it! Nice that your company promptly followed up with a phone call and email. I have a pet care business and today 6 dogs are enjoying the ball machine. Best"
    - Peggy

  • "Here's my pups Pablo the Bassador and Dixie the Labrador retriever having a great time!"
    - Diane

  • "We have enjoyed the Godoggo since we purchased it earlier this year. My border collie plays with it by himself every day, always inside of the house."
    - Tom

  • "Nope didn't fit."

  • "Watch her tail as the machine winds up to throw the ball. This has been going for 8 hours with a few rest breaks in the shade. Bella finally got to open her birthday present. She loves it!"
    - Dawn

  • "Blu just opened her new toy!. This is Blu the 9 month old cattle dog on her first day of her new toy! Love it!"
    - Anne

  • Great product! It's a wonderful product, we love it, our JRT loves it. I looked for an automatic launcher for so long for our dog and we are so happy with it. Thanks also for our awesome customer service and the call."
    - Tara

  • "He LOVES it."
    - Paula

  • "Great Invention - My Boston terrier mix, Copper got the hang of go dog go very quickly!"
    - Todd

  • "They love their new machine!! They used it for hours today!! We have three very tired dogs this evening. Thanks for the hours of fun!"
    - Paige

  • "Thank you for your product. My dog's name is Ranger and he loves the GoDogGo Machine."
    - Rick


"This a re-order (for a 2nd GoDogGo). Our golden retrievers love their launcher! We need a spare in case the boys wear their's out. Thank you for a great product." - Sharon

"We've used GoDoggo since 2012 and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate and love your product. My Dachshund loves the anticipation of the launch! I continuously brag about the GoDogGo. We recently got an iFetch to try but my dog is afraid of the noise and wants nothing to do with it; he does not like the sound." - Christopher

"Oh man she love's this thing (GoDogGo G4). She's a Lab and probably uses it a 100 times a day." - Brian

"Yayyyy - my new shooter is in. I LOVE IT! Thank you thank you thank you -- you guys are the best." - Sir Shadow & Desirae

"It arrived yesterday, and my ball KRAZY Standard Poodle has already learned with some coaxing to put the ball in the bucket. The machine is exactly as was described on your website. It is GREAT! Thank you! " - Kevin

"Love the smooth high velocity (GoDogGo SuperFetch Sport) ball! Stay cleaner and I can really go with those! Thank you, again for everything! My Mom says hi! Warmly, Angel�

"Thank you for your great customer service a little while back! Really appreciate it." - Karen

"Our dog really loves to the go-dog-go. WE have a German Shepherd that learned to return the ball to the bucket after 10 times." - Michelle

"Works great. Is a great product and you have been really kind." - Doug

"Thanks so much for being so proactive on responding, sending the new adapter, and the follow up. I am impressed. They like the treats too! We all thank you. Laurie and the ball crazy germans!" - Laurie

"I'm impressed how you stand behind your product. I will be sure to share my positive experience with friends and family. My dog Bear loves his godoggo ball launcher. When I get home from work he runs right to the ball launcher so we can play." - Mary

"I have a ball-crazy Teddy Bear that took to it (GoDogGo Ball Thrower) right away & the Brittany is warming up to it. Thank you so much for the call, I really appreciate it." - Kristin

"She's a German Shorthair Pointer and she loves this (G4) thing. We had the older model and she is now loving the 4 second launch time, she'd love it even faster!" - Bruno

"Wow, thanks so much for calling me, I cannot believe you called. We've had so much use & fun out of it. Our dog wants to play all the time. She loves it. I can tell you really work hard to provide great service to your customers. My husband is a small business so we know how important it is. Thank you! " - Carol

"We had one of these 16 years ago and then after using for years didn't have an interested dog. We gave it to our humane society but now we need another." - David

"We just received it (GoDogGo G4) and our Goldendoodle loves this thing already. Still working on bucket return but she will get it. We just had a baby and our dog just wasn't getting the exercise she is use to so this is great." - Ben

"The Go Dog Go G4 has been so much fun for both my blue healer and myself. Within a few ball launchings, she became acclimated to how it was used. She loves it!" - Suzanne

"My dog loves it and learned it very quickly." - Theresa

"Thanks for the great customer service! I Our Golden Retreiver (Rodie) is 2 and the feisty Jack Russel (Charlie) is 7. Charlie has more interest in chasing Rodie than fetching the balls, but Rodie loves to fetch, so everyone gets their exercise. We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again!" - Christopher

"Thank you, again, for the quick response. We're quite impressed by your company's responsiveness." "Thank you, again, for your kindness and the excellent customer service." - Brian

'We just rec'd it last week & my dog loves it. I got the competitors product but returned it & decided to get the real deal. My dog loved GoDogGo right way; her body quivers & wiggles as she hears it start. She loves the balls too, they are now her favorite & she leaves her old favs out in the yard." - Harold

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