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GoDogGo Remote Fetch

Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs I GoDogGo is the World's Original Fetch Machine & Only Remote Controlled Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs. Designed specifically for dogs & allows for Independent Fetch or Owner-Controlled Play with the remote control. On demand launching system, GoDogGo is designed with an Automatic Sensor & Safety Switch with Auto Stop Feature so G3 Fetch Machine will NOT run, rotate or launch unless a ball is in the bucket. Operates on AC Adapter & Battery Power. With 3 Distance Settings & 2 Time Settings, GoDogGo launches to 45+ feet at 7 & 15 seconds intervals when bucket is fully loaded. When a single ball is used, there is a safety delay of either 7 or 15 seconds before the ball launches & is back in play. GoDogGo Fetch Machine is produced to superior standards with highest quality materials, components & features to insure the most fun & safest game of fetch for ball-crazy dogs.

Remote Fetch

GoDogGo Fetch Machine
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GoDogGo® is the Original Automatic Ball Thrower
Designed for Dogs, to Play Fetch with Dogs.

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YOUR ball-crazy dog!
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GoDogGo G3 Automatic Ball Launcher
may soon be YOUR dog's next best friend!

Celebrating our 11 Year Anniversary in 2011 with
GoDogGo Generation3 Fetch Machine
Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs.

See more Information about GoDogGo G3 Auto Ball Thrower below and on the G3 Fetch Machine page.

Remote Fetch Generation 3 Feature Buttons
  • G3 Gear System & Motor for Smoother, Quieter, Longer Game of Fetch.
  • Automatic Sensor & Safety Switch with AUTO STOP* Feature – Longer & More Sensitive Switch better recognizes ball-ready position & works with different ball sizes & types. *For Pet/Owner Safety & Motor Longevity, motor will NOT run & kicking mechanism will NOT launch unless a ball is in ready position.
  • BALL TYPES - Uses SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE Balls. Fully Operational with Small, Medium & Standard Size Balls in various Ball Styles, Materials & Brands.
  • 3 settings for Variable Launch Distance range of approximately 12-45' depending on ball type, size. condition, air & ball temperature. Tennis Balls 30-35', Racquet Balls & Spaldeen 38-40', Small Tennis Ball & Chuckit Ultra Ball (2") 42-45' See more DISTANCE EXAMPLES
  • G3 Power Optimizer - Longer Battery Life 25+ hour fetch time when used on battery power. The Generation3 has a more efficient motor for Reduced Energy Consumption when powered by 110V. Each unit operates on AC AND Battery Power (D Batteries).
  • Intuitive Operating System with High-Functioning PC Board.
  • Longer AC Adapter Cord 10'. 2 Power Sources; each unit can be run on both AC Adapter/110V or Battery Power/D Batteries.
  • Remote Control operates 75+ft from GoDogGo G3. New Wrist Lariat for ease of use & storage. G3 HandRemote works with any GoDogGo® G3 Fetch Machine toy. Additional remotes available.
  • 7-Page Owner's Manual Booklet complete with Care, Operation, Set-up & Training Information.
  • Higher-Pressure Tennis Balls for longer launch distances; 3 GoDogGo® balls included.

GoDogGo® is still the first and only FETCH MACHINE for DOGS!

More Information about GoDogGo Ball Thrower
Watch Videos of GoDogGo Tennis Ball Launcher

It's Time to Fetch GoDogGo!

Fans of GoDogGo Fetch Machine photo's

See YOUR GoDogGo® Dog in our Fan Pictures. Send a Picture to and we will add it to our Fan Pics.

"Maisey got a fetch machine for Christmas! Every Border Collie needs one!"
"Look what Santa Paws bought Inca & JJ!!"
"My 10 year old Border Collie gets to fetch longer than usual - Awesome!"
"Waterlou "rescues" her balls."
"Iggy and our GoDogGo machine."
"GoDogGo is very fun addition to our Enrichment program @ University of Doglando."
"Lilly, Bogie & Bear are enjoying GoDogGo. Thank you for a fun machine!!"
"Thank you for your generosity & for turning me into a GoDogGo fan & customer for life!"
"Teddy fetches with GoDogGo at AustinPetsAlive!"
"Miss Marple with her GoDogGo Fetch Machine."
"Fancy loves your machine. When the dogs together it's great fun for all."
"Thought you'd like to know GoDogGo arrived & Sirius couldn't be happier."
"Moo is now in heaven but loved to load the machine by himself!"
"GoDogGo makes me happy!"
"My new G3 godoggo makes me happy!"
"Gunnar & Annika waiting on GoDogGo to launch-they love it!"
image 4
"GoDogGo is Darden's second best friend. We thank you very MUCH!!!"
image 5
"I recently purchased GoDogGo machine, Cannoli & Pumpkin Pie love it."
image 6
"My dog Toby is crazy about his new ball toy!"
image 7
"Chewy loves your machine!"
image 8
"Levi just absolutely LOVES his new toy!"
image 9
"We love our new G3 Fetch Machine!"
image 10
"Annie, Winnie & Lizzie gave dad fits trying to get a picture with G3; he wouldn't turn it on so we could play."
image 11
"Lilly is excited to play with Daisy's birthday present!"
image 12
image 13
"Poncho has not stop with his new godoggo g3 fetch machine. he loves it so much."
image 14
"The event was VERY successful & the G3 was a BIG hit!"
image 15
"Anticipation...look at those feet go! Bella loves her GoDogGo!!"
image 16
" Jessie & Abbey love to GoDogGo in Australia!"
image 17
"Old girl Jaaz is a happy puppy again & the foster dogs love it too!"
image 18
"My dogs were extremely exicted when GoDogGo arrived & absolutely love it."
image 19
image 20
"Max loves his GoDogGo G3!"
image 21
"Tula loves her new Fetch Machine! The best thing we ever bought her, she LOVES it!!"
image 22
"Gretal is one happy GoDogGo dog!"
image 23
"StuntDogGuy dogs entertain with GoDogGo."
image 24
"Riley loves to play with GoDogGo."
image 25
"Madigan in GoDogGo basic training."
image 26
"Leo checking out GoDogGo at the Austin Pets Alive auction."
image 27
"Godiva's birthday present; she is a two year old chocolate lab who lives to fetch!"
image 28
"Iris lost 7lbs & Archie lost 8lbs, exactly the results I was hoping for; getting plenty of exercise with GoDogGo."
image 29
"Linzey finally gets to fetch a ball for Gretel; she has dreamt of dong this for years."
image 30
"Our dog Monkey lovin' his new Go Dog Go in LA - where'd the ball go?"
image 31
"Eliot is a rough & tumble dog and LOVES her GoDogGo."
image 32
"Had a blast demoing @ American Cancer Society Fundraiser. It was one of the hottest things people tried!"
"Daisy loves her GoDogGo she got for her 3rd Birthday!"
image 34
"Chester, a blind Australian Shepherd, is learning to GoDogGo."
image 35
"Shelby was excited to open her new balls. Your company is the best!!"
image 36
"McDonald Family of GoDogGo fans"
image 37
"Lola is excited to get her new GoDogGo G3!"
image 38
"I love my ball machine! I wait anxiously & even know the sound before the big moment..." - Pono
Marcus is a happy kid! Thanks so much for your help.
"Marcus is a happy kid! Thanks so much for your help."
Thanks a million!!! We sure love our launcher! Colleen & boys
"Thanks a million!!! We sure love our launcher! Colleen & boys"
Ewan had fun playing with GoDogGo this weekend.
"Ewan had fun playing with GoDogGo this weekend."
Bear is proud of his GoDogGo®.
"Bear adores GoDogGo & cannot get enough of it."
GoDogGo arrived and I am HAPPY!
"GoDogGo arrived and I am HAPPY!"
Annie, Winnie & Lizzie love GoDogGo!
"Annie, Winnie & Lizzie love GoDogGo!"
Pua enjoys GoDogGo® in Hawaii!
"Pua enjoys GoDogGo® in Hawaii!"
image 1
"Really a great idea, Mia and I wholeheartedly endorse GoDogGo."

GoDogGo® Dog Blog
G3 Customer Reviews & Testimonials
of GoDogGo G3 Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

Celebrating over 10 years of the World's First Fetch Machine for Dogs with the Third Generation GoDogGo - - The G3 Fetch Machine for the NEW Generation of Dogs!

"G3 is the highest quality Fetch Machine & most superior functioning automatic ball launcher for dogs on the market."

"The best game of interactive dog fetch EVER!"


GoDogGo Indroducing...
Go Dog Go Automatic Remote Fetch in Action

Would YOU love to see your dog on our FAN Pictures or Video Page? If so, please email a picture or video to and we will be sure to post it on our site.

Limited Quantities Upon Availability
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Ollie's Corner
Go Dog Go's masscot Ollie

Watch Ollie in Training at the park with his new G3 Fetch Machine. Ollie is the dog for the job & was a quick learner!
So...Hershey, the original GoDogGo dog, hands the ball to Ollie as the new official GoDogGo test dog.

Ollie Updates

Automatic Dog Ball Launcher & Thrower I GoDogGo Fetch Machine is an on demand interactive ball machine for fetch-crazy dogs! Ollie LOVES GoDogGo Fetch Machine because it works with a VARIETY of ball styles & sizes 1.75" - 2.5" for Small, Medium & Large dogs. Use GoDogGo with tennis balls, racquet balls, Chuckit Balls, squeaker balls, rubber balls, etc. Ollie told us, " Ifetch the best with GoDogGo automatic ball thrower & GoDogGo fetch balls! "

GoDogGo G3 IFetch Machine Automatic Ball Launcher makes the best birthday present for fetch crazy dogs & their owner too...or a great toy gift for the owner of an ACTIVE, FETCH CRAZY dog.

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Ball-crazy dogs love fetching with GoDogGo Fetch Machine Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs, favorite interactive automatic ball thrower of dogs & owners for 15 years. Designed for SMALL, MED & LARGE dogs, to play fetch with dogs. GoDogGo will soon become your dog's next best friend. BALL SIZE: Works with MANY BALL STYLES & SIZES 1.75 to 2.5 inches. i.e. tennis balls, racquet balls, Chuckit balls, squeaker balls, rubber balls, etc. 2 TIME SETTINGS: 7 & 15 second launch interval timings for dog's rate of retrieval. 3 DISTANCE SETTINGS: Low, Medium & High distance settings to meet different size fetch areas. POWER SOURCE: Works on BOTH AC & Battery Power. REMOTE CONTROL: Range of 75 feet. Works WITH or WITHOUT remote for independent dog fetch or owner controlled play. AUTO STOP SAFETY SENSOR: Powers up on demand & operates only when a ball is in the launch ready position. Keeps motor from running, & your dog safe, unless your dog is ready to play. LAUNCH PATTERN: Upwards & out ball arch when ball is launched. Designed to keep dogs safe while awaiting next ball to fetch. Will NOT launch straight into dogs mouth from machine. LAUNCH DISTANCE: Launches balls 12- 45+ feet depending on ball style & size. GoDogGo comes standard with: 3x2.5" Tennis Balls (works with 1.75" to 2.5") Remote Control AC Adaptor 120V Owner's Manual 6-Month Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Lifetime standard replacement parts Highly recognized Customer Service & Product Support Team

World's original & award winning automatic ball thrower for dogs- Keeping Ball-Crazy Dogs Happy & Healthy Since 1999.

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